My HNGi8 Goals ( So Help me God )


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It's another season of the HNG internship thanks to the (Zuri Team)[], bringing to everyone a world-class opportunity to gain meaningful skills and become employable. This happens to be my third participation, the first was HNG5, the second being HNG7 ( Backend track, graduated ) and I'm excited to be back again for this season this time in the front end track.

Goals For the Internship

  • Learn, brush up and unlearn.
    • Network
    • Get Opportunities
    • Gain bragging rights ( Two times graduate )

At the End of week 8, I should have gotten acquainted with learners and mentors who would likely help with graduating, also I'm sure I must have also learnt about communication and collaboration at stage 8 of the program.

Selected Resources

Figma - Git - Programming -